video production, professional studio


GXYZ Radio is a digital media platform that offers various opportunities for businesses and artists to grow and get globally exposed. We help the artists to bring out their talents in front of the audience so that they get more recognition and be able to evolve their skills. We offer radio ad that means you can get your voice commercials and videos up on GXYZ radio live for a weekly fee, or monthly package. It is a popular platform where you can grow your audiences and keep your name in the chartbusters throughout all week. We will give you the necessary exposure and boost your art by spinning your songs for the week or month. Our enrollment plans are on a weekly and monthly basis designed to fit your investment viability. Thus, GXYZ is the perfect platform that promotes and encourages new artists through voice and video commercials.


Our team has some of the best professionals who are good with visual captures. We do recording services in terms of videos, commercials, podcast interviews, and more. We help the early ventures and the newly started business to promote their brand and come under the spotlight. If you are planning to have commercials to promote your company, we will give you the perfect platform to do so. We have experienced photographers and a full-fledged technical team to bring out the pictures that are apt to showcase your product and define your company goals. Along with commercials, we also offer our services in podcast interviews and other videos, for our video streaming platform. Moreover, we also offer drone services if you need high-view pictures that will cover a larger area of sight. If you do not have a clear vision of your product promotion then our technical members are always there to assist you.

video production, professional studio
video production, professional studio


Do you need to edit a picture or a video for your brand? Or maybe you want to change the audio on your favorite video to your favorite song. We will help you with all your edits. Along with having professional photography and videography, we also offer edits for your professional content. Our site is one of the leading professional platforms which deliver its clients the best quality photographs and videos. However, along with that we also have professionals who have the necessary knowledge of how to edit and fix your content so that your content rightly fits in the space. If you want to edit a picture or a video, give effects to it or want to present it according to your desired theme, you can help you with such needs. We have the necessary software and tools that will help you edit all your pictures and videos.


Along with the various services that we offer to promote your product and your talent, recording services are one of them. GXYZ Inc. welcomes all the artists and the new budding talents or anyone who wants to record songs in a professional studio. We offer professional recording by our engineer/ producer Arshanay. In our basic plan of services, mixing and mastering are not included in your recorded work, but if you opt for special plans then we will definitely give you individual attention for mixing and mastering your sound. We have technical men who are experienced and have good knowledge about sound engineering. They are well versed in their craft and know the ways to improvise the sound quality. Our recording studio is well equipped with the latest gadgets and technical tools that will easily cancel out the background noise and other sound distortions, bringing out a more professional music recording.

video production, professional studio
video production, professional studio


If you have a song and you want to get it mixed or mastered, the GXYZ Inc has the person for you. We offer you the services of mixing and mastering your recorded songs. Our studio has all the plug-ins and mastering software that will provide an extra edge to our song. Along with the technical tools, we have professionals who can help you with your song's analog and digital workflows. Generally, it is seen that the choice of positive effect or background music comes down to user preferences, cost, and desired features that are incorporated in the recorded song. We have different formats of sound processing tools that help the users and our engineers' mix sound with flexibility. Digital audio workstations also play an essential role in tracking and mixing sound. Another popular approach that we follow is the object-based approach to editing and mixing sound. We believe in objective approaches in mastering and mixing sounds and heed to the latest features like codec previewing, batch processing, advanced spectral editing, etc.


If photography is one of your key priorities in your line of work, then we can give you all the necessary assistance you need for your professional front. GXYZ Inc has got all the must-have digital tools you may need to make your photography more professional. Moreover, our company also provides you with photography services by our professional photographers in Miami. You can get as many edits as you need during the photo shoot, and our technical photography team will help you with that. If you have a tight schedule and you need your photographs within a deliberate time frame, then you can also expect an on-time urgent delivery in that case. Not only with the editing software and the organization tools, but we also guide you with the minute technical key points that will help you get a stunning portrait and transform the photograph into something truly incredible.

video production, professional studio
video production, professional studio


Do you need an outfit for a show? Don't you have anything to wear to your special dinner? Nothing to worry about. GXYZ Inc is the apt platform that has the custom designs and ideas that can be brought to life by our clothes designers. If you are clueless about the dress to wear at the event or simply want clothing for your vacation, we are here to help you out. Our team has some unique clothing designers who can give you ideas for your apparel choice for the desired destination and event. We can also tailor those dresses if you want to wear the dress that best suits your look at the event. We can guide you with the fundamental aspects of visual design that include shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture. Moreover, we can also suggest the latest trends and popular styles booming in the fashion world.

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