18 Jul 2022
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5 All-Time Favourite Photo Editing Softwares For Professionals

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in photography, you know the importance of photo editing. With photo editing, you also know the value of good and accessible photo editing software. Even after our smartphones' cameras have excellent photo editing tools, a good professional photographer always needs handy and multi-functional photo editing software, even if the photo is taken from a DSLR. Mobile applications can never give you the freedom to creativity which a desktop photo editing software will give.

A professional photographer always looks for the following essential tools in every photo editing software.

Crop Tool: The crop tool is of utmost importance for every photographer. If the photograph has lost its focal point during the photography session due to any unavoidable reason, it's the crop tool that helps the photographers bring back the photo's focus.

Sharpening: Sharpening helps the photographers remove the blur present in a photo and make the images crisp.

Contrast: Contrast tools help make the images more vivid or mute the tones for a more calm feel.

Saturation & Hue Adjustment: Adjusting the hue of an image gives it a colored tint and changes the emotional impact of the photo, and saturation helps the photographer adjust the intensity of the image's color.

Apart from the aforementioned tools, a photographer also wants exposure, layers, and removing the object tool, HDR, and merging photos tool in the photo editing software to deliver the best result. However, with the enhancement of technologies and software, many different photo editing software is present in the market. Still, there are five photo editing software that are the all-time favorite of all professional photographers.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a long household name for every photographer. After adding the subscription option, it has become the one-stop destination for all photographers and illustrators. It has added various masking, layering, and retouching tools and is still updating it by involving AI in its features. Moreover, Adobe Photoshop is still enhancing its features to give you the best and most in the subscription charge. Thus, Adobe Photoshop still remains the best and most used photo editing software in the business of digital photoshops.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo came to the market with its low-cost window version but updated itself as Affinity Photo with a good-cost subscription fee for good. It is a full-powered, full-on Photoshop rival for professionals that can teach its Adobe equivalent a trick or two. It has a first-class layering, masking, and retouching tool, and its filters can be applied to live photos. Moreover, the HDR tone mapping and workspace gives different creativity freedom to the photographers.

ON1 Photo Raw

Started as the ON1 Perfect Suite, ON1 Photo Raw has evolved as an integrated program rather than plug-ins collections. It is the single software you could want for photo editing as it works as a plug0in for Photoshop and Lightroom and also has its own image browsing/ cataloging tools. The plug-in character gives you a massive library of effects and manual adjustment filters to give your photos a creative touch. Moreover, despite the power, spectacle, and value, ON1 Photo Raw has added AI-powered image cutouts and masking.

DxO PhotoLab

DxO Optics Pro evolved due to its lab-derived lens correction profiles and raw conversions. DxO bought the Google Nik Collection and integrated it with the control point adjustment tool to give out the DxO PhotoLab. It helps in applying powerful localized adjustment tools to your photos. The PhotoLab does not support Fujifilm X-Trans files but has a PhotoLibrary feature with an autofill search tool.


Exposure integrates old analog looks with modern photo enhancement tools. The software comprises an extensive catalog of antique and modern film effects to stimulate fading, grain, cross processing, vignetting, borders, light leaks, and a complete range of traditional films and processing techniques.

Moreover, Exposure gives photographers a fast and efficient folder-browsing system to organize their photos with the help of filters and keyword searches without getting stuck in the process of importing the photos into the catalog.


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