23 Sep 2022
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A Step-By-Step Guide On Business Video Production In 2022

Video content is the future. People connect with visual content more easily than in other formats. Business video production proves to be an asset for small businesses. The majority of people use different platforms to connect with their favorite brands. As a result, businesses create content to showcase their personality online. When it comes to producing video for business, it involves proper planning and tools. 

These business videos aim to put an engaging message in front of your target audience. As people don't have patience, you must present it in a more crisp, attention-grabbing format than ever. In this article, we will share a step-wise guide.

What Is Business Video Production?

It involves the creation of videos for specific business purposes. These videos are prepared with a specific goal of presenting the brand's message in front of target customers. It could be launching a new product, celebrating achievements, or answering customers' queries. It involves a team with expertise in shooting, editing, and marketing. Most small businesses use it for marketing purposes.

Steps Involved In Video Production

The video production process involves the steps from beginning to end. As these videos are produced for a specific purpose, it involves proper planning and execution. Here are the steps involved in the product of business video:

Pre-Production Process

The pre-production process is crucial in deciding the goal of the video. In this step, businesses plan the video's outline, script, and message. This process of small business video products involves the following steps:

Define Audience

It would be best to decide on your audience before making a video. Understanding the target audience increases the success of any video. In this process, you must research your audience's needs, likes, and wants. You can create more appealing and engaging business videos when you have enough information about your target audience.

Goal Of Video

The second essential thing is to decide your business goal. Your business goal must align with your videos. What action do you want people to take after watching your videos? It can be sharing, subscribing to a blog, or shopping for your company's product. You can't complete it without a clear goal.

Decide The Content

The next step in the pre-production process is to decide your content. Every business video can be in a different format. You have to decide what works best in your field. Do you want long ones to explain how your business works? Short videos to show what's going on in the business?

Here are important things to decide:

  • Length.
  • The tone of the content.
  • The visual content.
  • Background theme and voice.

Write Video Script

The video script is the most important part of the production. The script decides what words you are using in the video. If you are not good at writing scripts, hire a professional scriptwriter. These professional writers have a deep understanding of marketing psychology.

Your script must be:

  • Appealing to your target audience.
  • Must be in a conversational tone.
  • Engaging, human voice.
  • Short, concise, and goal-oriented.
  • Must relate to your goal.

Create Video Strategy

Having a proper strategy helps you achieve goals in less time. Your strategy must align with your budget, quality, and ROI. You must decide how to use the available resources to produce the best output.

The strategy also involves the deadlines for the process. Your goal must bring the highest possible ROI in the available budget.

Plan The Shoot

Once you decide on everything, it's time to plan when to shoot a business video. Gather your production team and schedule the shoot. In the planning stage, keep these things in mind:

  • Building your team of experts involves a cameraperson, lights, sounds, editor, etc.
  • Decide the location of the shoot.
  • Gather permission and license(in case of the outdoor shoot).
  • Decide on-screen person.
  • Makeup and costumes.

Production Process

In this process, you execute all your planning. It's time to gather the team and tools to create an actual video. Make sure everything is in the proper place during this process. During the production process, teamwork decides the outcome.

Your role must be here to check:

  • Script and plan followed by a team closely.
  • An on-screen person performs well.
  • Everything goes according to plan.
  • The background of the video is relevant.
  • The cameraman shoots the content properly.

Post-Production Process

The post-production process means optimizing the video for the audience. You will make your content attractive and more engaging for your audience at this stage. Here, you create the magic to your recently produced video. The important steps of video production for a business process:

Editing The Video

Editing the video means keeping only the relevant part of the video. In this process, clips are arranged in proper order. Here, you need a professional editor to make your content perfect. The role of the editor is to delete extra clips and keep the relevant shots for the final content.

Choose Background Music

The background music sets the environment of your video. Make sure you choose the music which works best with your theme. It must reflect the personality of your business. If your video is fun, then add funny music. Another important thing is to check the copyright of music before using it.

Record Voiceover

The last step of post-production of the business is to record a voiceover. The voice of the person establishes credibility with the audience. You must use the voiceover that aligns with your business. It may be the person who knows your target audience well. 

You can hire voiceover artists to add a professional voice to your videos. Most companies provide voiceover facilities.

What Are Video Production Services, And How To Choose Them?

Managing the video production process can be tough for any business. Especially small businesses which lack resources and budgets. According to the study, the average cost of video production in the U.S. is $10,000-$50,000. If you do all the stuff by yourself, the cost goes high.

So, what is the solution to creating business videos on a budget? 

Your one-stop solution to use the available resources efficiently are production companies. In the video production services, you hire a company that takes care of all the production for yourself. As a business owner, you need to provide your requirements and goals.

How To Choose The Right Video Production Services For Business?

When choosing the services of small business video production, you must be careful. There are multiple companies, but not everyone offers the best services on a budget.
Here are the ways to choose the right video production for your business:

Decide Your Budget

Once you decide on your budget, it will be easier for you to choose the right company. If you are confused about the budget, you can start requesting quotes from different companies. From this, you will get a clear idea of the least budget you want for your project.

Understand Requirements

The next step is to decide the requirements of your project. It is essential to understand the goal of your business. Create content briefly in advance before approaching any company. The video briefing involves the relevant information about your audience and business.

Search For The Companies

Once you decide on your budget and requirement, the next step is to search for companies. Use google to search for companies in your area. Go to their website and check their services and clients' testimonials.

Shortlist the top company which aligned with your goal and budget. The last step is to ask for the quote and discuss your requirements with them.


The whole process of business video production involves different steps. You must decide your business goal, budget, and production process as a business owner. There is no doubt that a business video must be compelling and convey your brand's message. If you face difficulty managing the whole process, you can use production services.

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Why Is Video Production Important For Small Businesses?

The importance of video production for small business are as follows:

  • Increase digital presence.
  • Brings high ROI.
  • Educates your audience.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Creates a long-lasting connection.

How Much Cost Is Involved In Video Production?

The cost is as follows:

  1. Basic: $1000-$1200.
  2. Commercial: $10,000-$30,000.
  3. Premium: $30,000-$50,000.

What Are The Basic Steps Of Video Production For Small Businesses?

The various steps are as follows:

  • Strategy.
  • Pre-production.
  • Production.
  • Post-production.
  • Distribution of video.