27 Jul 2022
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7 Steps To Create Effective Radio Ad Scripts [With Examples]

Advertisements are known to be the best source for any company that is looking to sell its products and services to the public. We all hear the radio regularly, and between the ads, we hear announcers reading radio ad scripts. Some think the average radio ads that last for 30 seconds are not enough to convince anyone to buy their products. But do you know that effective ad scripts are known to be potent even if the ad lasts for 30 seconds?

And on top of that, these ads repeat multiple times a day on famous radio stations. This guide consists of the steps you can pursue to create the most effective radio ad scripts. Understand that there is not any specific correct way to write radio scripts. However, this guide will offer you a path that will lead you in the right direction.

Things That Matter For Making Effective Radio Ad Scripts

Before we go with the steps explaining how to write effective radio ad scripts, we should learn about the crucial components that are needed to be covered to ensure that the ads attract your target audience and offer you the profit you are looking for. When designing a radio ad script, ensure that you:

  • Highlight the customer's concern in an alluring manner.
  • Show empathy.
  • Emphasize the discomfort the issue causes.
  • Mention how your product is capable of solving this issue.
  • Confirm the customer's satisfaction.
  • Include testimonials if you're able to.
  • Finish with a call to action.

The radio ads are meant to be precise and alluring. Don't forget that when you book the radio campaigns, your ads run at specific allotted times. The typical amount of time required to covey your radio ad scripts to the public:

  • For 25 words, the time required to convey is 10 seconds
  • For 35 words, the time required to convey is 15 seconds
  • For 40-75 words, the time required to convey is 30 seconds
  • For 125-140 words, the time required to convey is 60 seconds

Ensure that you remember this that when producing the radio ad, sounds matter a lot. The background music and sound effects are key for forming an atmosphere. Sounds are capable of triggering memories and emotions among the listener. With that, let's start with how to write effective radio ad scripts.

Step 1: Work In The Background And Identify The Call To Action

You should start with your radio ad scripts by identifying the action you desire the listener must take after listening to your ads. There is a reason for why you are running this campaign and what actions the listener should take for you. Do you just want them to know about your brand? Do you want them to visit your nearest store? 

Normally, radio ads leave the Call to Action to the end of the ad, but since you are looking to create the perfect radio ad scripts, it is essential to understand what you want to gain from these campaigns. 

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To understand this, we can use an example of a travel agency. Their Call to Action will be like this: Call us on XXXXX to book your next big holiday. Here they are directing the customer to call directly to their number, which is a great example of CTA. Other examples include:

  • "Visit our website to view our latest offers"
  • "Visit the nearest flight center to know more."

Step 2: Emphasize The Offering

In your free time, listening to the radio, what are the things that pique your interest in a radio ad? Maybe it can be that the particular voice-over artist starts talking about the issue you are encountering currently. This conversation will surely intrigue you because it's something you are dealing with actively. And that particular radio ad ends with a solution that makes you more interested in it.

With your radio ad scripts, you need to grab listeners' attention immediately, so they don't feel like changing the station for something else. To not sound too promotional, you must use conversational language. And this makes you sound more like you are offering advice. 

Starting your radio ad scripts with questions always attracts more customers than the statement form. Let's understand this by taking the travel agency example again:

  • "Finding trouble while searching for the best travel deals this holiday season?"
  • "Want to make your dream of enjoying a refreshing drink on the beach come true?"

Step 3: Show Empathy In Your Radio Ad Scripts

We all know that empathy is something that goes a long way. It is also considered a great method to use in radio ad scripts. Everyone wants someone in their life who understands them or has gone through the same situation they are dealing with. You need to design ads that offer the same experience through which the listeners can relate to you, which will make them know that you are the right person for getting advice on their current situation.

A listener will be more open-minded to listen to the solution from someone who totally understands their problem. Again the examples of this with our fictional travel agency:

  • “We understand your frustration when you are on holiday, and things don't go as planned."

Step 4: Provide Solutions To The Listeners Through Your Radio Ad Scripts

Now you have completely determined the problem and made the listener feel like you understand the exact situation they are going through. Now, your radio ad scripts must offer a solution to the problems of the customers by explaining how the products and services your company offers can solve this issue. There should be a slick transition toward your products or services. An example with a travel agency can be: "By purchasing our affordable and convenient travel packages, you can ensure that your holiday trip will be enjoyable!"

Step 5: Mention Guarantee In Your Radio Ad Scripts

Don't forget to add this to your radio ad scripts. If you have a guarantee, ensure that you convey this to the listeners. The reason behind mentioning this is to provide confidence in your products or services. When a listener knows that they can trust you with your services, they will be more interested to know your company better. When there is no major risk factor, the listener becomes more intrigued to pursue what you are offering.

Step 6: Include Testimonials In Your Radio Ad Scripts

If you have sufficient slotted time, adding the testimonials from your previous clients in the radio ad scripts is a great way to attract customers. This will offer better credibility to the effectiveness of your products or services. Here we have mentioned some examples to help you obtain a copy of your testimonials.

  • You could use your reviews if you got any on the channels like Google reviews, website reviews, or reviews obtained through email for completing your projects successfully. You can also use social media reviews.
  • If you don't have any current reviews, you may require to source reviews through the creation of a survey for the client base with the specific information you are looking for.

For instance, surveying your customer base for the star ratings on your product or service quality can end up with a phrase like: "For such reasons, our customers have praised our services by offering us authentic 500 ratings of 5 stars." You can put such lines between your sections to push trust and benefits. Through these surveys, you can ask for certain queries to obtain the benefit required for the radio ad scripts.

Step 7: Mark The Call To Action In Your Radio Ad Scripts

After understanding the customer's problems and giving them solutions, it's time to tell the customer how they can grab the benefits that got highlighted in the radio ads.

For example: Call Us Now on XXXXXX! Ensure that your Call to Action is not hard to remember.

You can accelerate the responses of the customers by adding a time limit to your offers on the radio ad scripts. People love offers and don't prefer to miss out on the ones they are particularly interested in. A little push by adding a time limit is a great way to attract customers.

You can say: "The offer is only valid until the 30th of June!" You can include this step in your radio ad scripts if the time allows, and ensure you mention that Ts and Cs apply.


When you create effective radio ad scripts using the steps mentioned above, you will surely see changes in your customer engagement and growth. Radio ads are prominent in the advertising industry, and you can't miss out on this opportunity to gain an edge over your competitors.

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