18 Jul 2022
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Tips To Get The Right Customized Suit For You

Once in a lifetime, every man needs a suit, whether heading to his special wedding day or official event. A suit makes a man look sleek, formal, yet sexy if designed and fitted perfectly. Unfortunately, many men find it hard to get the right fitting suit for them, especially when they go and look for a readymade piece. Moreover, every occasion demands its own suit category, like the suit you wear for parties and functions can never be the appropriate one for your business meetings. These various categories of suits for different occasions make the men make more blunders while choosing the suit. Thus, choosing a customized tailoring shop like GXZY for your D-day suit is always beneficial. Moreover, there are a few points which you need to take care of while getting your suit ready.

Get A Full Set Stitched

Many people choose to get only jackets or jackets and trousers. However, when you choose to wear a shirt or trousers from your old wardrobe, there is a high chance of unmatched clothing's shine and stitching style, giving it a shabby look. Therefore, always go for the complete set of suits.

Shape Of The Suit


Every suit design is made for different occasions; therefore, your next step is to choose the shape of your suit. Choosing the right shape of the suit that goes with your body type and the occasion is an integral part of customizing your suit. For example, you cannot wear a tuxedo in a business meeting and a multi-layered suit for a bachelorette party. Therefore, ask your designer about the types of suits and discuss about the type of occasion on which you want to wear it.

Select The Right Material


Every material has its own character, and not every material is made for all occasions. Therefore, once you have decided on the suit's shape, it is important to choose your suits' material wisely. There are various options in the market to choose from, whether it is cotton, linen, or wool for winters, but you need to decide for what occasion you want the suit to be ready. Some fabrics have a party shine; others have a straight look; some fabrics are solid in colors; others have a texture; therefore, choose your fabric wisely. If you cannot decide on the fabric, ask your designer to suggest the fabric. An expert professional designer like the designers of GXYZ has a better understanding of fabric and which fabric works best on which occasion.

Make Sure You Check The Fittings Properly

Now when you have chosen your suit's design and material, it's your designer's turn to outperform their work and get the suit ready. However, once the suit is ready, you need to try it out and check the fittings of the suit. A baggy arm or a dropping shoulder can never reflect your personality; moreover, it will make you appear dull and under-confident. Therefore, always do the trial a few days before your D-day and do the alteration if needed.


The most crucial part of getting the right customized suit is to select the design that fits you perfectly and strongly reflects your personality. Thus, getting a designer or customized tailoring option, someone like GXYZ, will always save your suit and eventually your big day from ruining. Furthermore, if you are looking for a professional and creative customized tailoring option, visit our website, GXYZ, and get every type of customized dress.