dreams into reality, Cleopatra


Shelz, known as “Cleopatra” , awakened to her truth that music is and has always been life. From the beginning of time she has been blessed to cross paths with many who have made their dream a reality. She has been in the presence of celebrities like… Red Rat, Mikey Spice,Third world, B2k, Bow wow, Trina, Christina Milian, Ball Greezy, Gunplay, Cool & Dre and many more. Shelz is also a degree of separation from Rick Ross camp, Gucci mane, Tory lanez, Pretty Ricky, French Montana and other mainstream, local, Jamaican and island artists.

Though her family structure and family dynamic overlooked her talents, it didn’t stop the process of growth necessary to become a being of musical awareness.

Shelz has been given the opportunity to experience throughout the years, backstage to Jamaican concerts in the US,Radio station broadcasting at 99 Jams, backstage to US concerts, Music Conferences, Traveled with While in her teen years, she experienced another spectrum of the music world by being on the sidelines of “Rap Battles” of homeboys and associates that utilized their expression of their “New York” lifestyle through rhymes. Simultaneously she entered into the world of many doors of expression with the family building a foundation of “GXYZ”. From continuous studio sessions to broadening the horizons to movie scripting.

Shelz has awakened to many spectrums of the music life. She has become one with music and has integrated all the tools she has been given in life to be in tune with music. She has an ear for music. As life in the music industry became the “Norm”, Shelz also received the blessing of spiritual enlightenment. Her search for her grandmother after her passing, brought Shelz to full awareness of self and the inner working needed to become “Whole”. Becoming awakened to “Truth”, it revealed that her life purpose has always been right before her eyes and that her mission is to be an expression of light.